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PDC May 2022 Newsletter

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Montreal - Monday, May 2, 2022

Dear PDC Community,
We have yet another exciting month ahead, with a variety of activities & outings planned. Warmer
weather is coming and with that, our team will be seizing more & more opportunities for authentic,
learning experiences in the great outdoors!

⚠ Although we understand that because of the current construction, street parking is limited, we
would like to remind you to refrain from parking in the staff parking lot and/or using the parking lot as
a drop-off zone. We thank you for your cooperation. ⚠

A note from PDC’s Daycare:

The week of May 16th is Daycare Week! Stay tuned for tons of special activities being planned for our
Daycare students! Kangoo & PoundFit classes via Enfant & Compagnie are amongst some of the
upcoming events. We can’t wait!
We would also like to take this

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