Our Code of Conduct & Behaviour

Pierre de Coubertin Elementary School

The following are the Rules of Conduct and Safety which all students and parents at Pierre de Coubertin School are expected to observe.

School life reveals a complex network of norms that govern a student's life and what we generally refer to as the school's regulations. These regulations consist of a set of rules of conduct which students must observe when they are in school.

These rules are designed with the view that their observance will lead to success in school and set the stage for the student to obtain a good education. They will help the student to develop a sense of responsibility and to become more independent. Furthermore, they are intended to help create favorable conditions that ensure the respect of individual rights, while at the same time help to create certain homogeneity of thought and action in the school. Lastly, these rules are intended to prevent situations that could threaten the well- being of students.