Governing Board

Pierre De Coubertin Elementary School

What is a Governing Board?

On July 1, 1998, linguistic school boards were formed as part of a wide reform of the educational system in Quebec. As stated in A New Direction for Success: “The purpose of this reform is to give schools more responsibility so that they can better adapt their teaching and organization to the needs and characteristics of their students.”

Governing boards are another component of the educational reform. They bring together parents, school staff, senior high school students and community members who work in partnership towards a primary goal of making decisions that benefit our students.

More information on Governing Boards can be found by consulting the Governing Board Manual you can download the manual in PDF format from the EMSB website by clicking on the link below: Governing Board Manual

2021-2022 Governing Board Members

Principal Representatives Ida Pisano / Principal
Jessica Monti / Interim Vice Principal
Teacher Representatives Michelle Santilli
Anna-Maria Abbate
Rosanne Loggia
Connie Vitale
Tonia Nardi
Parent Representatives Tania Decobellis / Chairperson- Vice-Chair
Patrick Marcovecchio
Eric Brosseau
Silvia Martignetti
Tania Romano
Maria Corsi
Marylou Forgione
Mary Vasile
Support Staff Cesidia De Crescentis