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PDC February 2021 Newsletter

Montreal - Thursday, February 25, 2021

Staff Appreciation Week

On February 22-25, Pierre De Coubertin celebrated Staff Appreciation. Although we greatly appreciate our teachers and staff members every day of the year, there is a week in February when we celebrate their dedication to the teaching profession and to the students whose lives they touch each and every day. A big thank you to the PPO for organizing this special event. A staff “Covid style” luncheon was also offered by Governing Board and Mr. Vic Colalillo from Plaza Universal on February 25th.

Parent -Teachers Interviews

Due to our unprecedented times, we will be having our second Parent-Teacher interviews on February 25th yet the report cards were sent out on January 22nd. The teachers contacted the parents they are requesting to meet with early on in February.


Exceptionally this year, we will have 2 terms rather than 3, as in the past. The Minstère de L‛Éducation, Mr. Jean-François Roberge has made a decision for the weighing of each term for the 2020-2021 school year. This year, term 1 will weigh 35% and term 2 will weigh 65% of the year.

Kindly note that the students in grade 4 and 6 will not be writing the End of Cycle exams.

Winter Carnival

We decided to plan our Winter Carnival differently this year. The PDC students celebrated our annual Winter Carnival during the entire month of February. The students went tobogganing at the mountain near our park during their Phys ed classes and also made snowmen. Every Wednesday, the students were able to participate in different activities such as jersey day, wacky socks and favourite shirt day. You may visit our Facebook page to view all the exciting activities the children took part in.

Hooked on School Days (HSD)

We celebrated the Hooked on School Days during the week of February 15-19. Our Spiritual and Community Animator, Mr Monacchino, prepared messages for the students to read in class about the importance of persevering. These discussions continued to take place during the week with the homeroom teachers.

Black History Month

During the month of February, every grade learned about several icons and changemakers. In addition, Mr Monachino, held class sessions to teach students about various role models and their impact on society.

Spring Break

February 26th is a pedagogical day and March 1st - March 5th is Spring Break. The school will resume on March 8th. Wishing everyone a safe and restful spring break.

If your child tests positive for Covid 19 during spring break, please email the school and we will be in touch with you.

Kind Regards,

Ida Pisano

Lisa Triestino
Vie Principal