A Message from our Principal

Ida Pisano

Dear Students,

We welcome you all to you to Pierre De Coubertin School. Our staff promises to work hard to help you be the best you can be. It is essential that you, as a student, also do your part. Be organized and take an active role in your own learning. Always strive for excellence, work hard and do your best daily. It is through continued effort that intelligence grows.

Dear Parents,

Pierre De Coubertin’s team prides itself on providing a high quality and comprehensive educational program whereby students engage actively in their learning. Your children are in their formative years and they will need our shared guidance to help them develop self-esteem and self- reliance so that they will grow academically, socially and ethically in order to become successful, caring and responsible citizens. We strongly believe that parents are key partners with staff and administration in ensuring that your child(ren) feels/feel valued and value education.Your positive involvement in your child’s school life will guarantee his/her educational success.

Your child’s success is our priority. By working together, your child will achieve success.


Ida Pisano
Principal, Pierre-de-Coubertin