Special Education and Social Services

Non teaching professionals are available to provide assistance to pupils in order to help with their educational, social, and/or psychological development.

Special Needs Students

All students with special needs or having been identified as being at risk are integrated in the regular classroom. We believe that this inclusive model is beneficial for these students in that it allows them to:

  • develop positive attitudes towards learning
  • interact with positive role models
  • develop appropriate social skills

All special needs students have an Individual Educational Plan, prepared by the resource teacher in collaboration with other teachers who are responsible for their learning.

Social Services

A social worker is assigned to the school on a part-time basis. The role of the social worker is particularly important in the area of family intervention or counselling.

Speech and Langugage Services

A part-time speech and language pathologist is also provided to the school. The speech and language pathologist evaluates, diagnoses and treats children with a variety of problems including articulation language delays, learning disabilities, stuttering, and speech disorders. Children requiring therapy are seen individually or in small groups on a periodic basis, and parents and teachers are often involved in home and school activities.