Psychological Services

A psychologist is assigned to the school on a 1 ½ day per week basis. His/her principle task is to facilitate the adaptive and developmental functions of the child within the school context and beyond.

Diagnosis and Assessment

The evaluation of a pupil’s abilities and difficulties may be in the following areas: learning problems, socio-emotional development, and intellectual functioning. Assessment of these areas may be achieved through the use of standardization test material or through diagnostic interviewing. More severe cases require intensive evaluation accomplished through a comprehensive individual assessment and collaborative involvement of staff and parents.

Consultation and Counselling

Considerable emphasis is placed on consultative activities with staff and parents. The goal is to discuss test and interview results, and to explore intervention strategies or placement possibilities.

Individual and group counselling, is provided, whenever the need arises.

Spiritual Care, Guidance and Community Involvement

The goal of this service is to foster the development of an autonomous and responsible spiritual life among students and their contribution to the building of a harmonious and supportive society. This service is offered to all students regardless of their religious affiliation. The service is intended to promote the students’ human and spiritual growth while respecting their freedom.

Activities of a humanitarian, spiritual interfaith or religious nature are organized by the Spiritual Care and Community Animator to focus on:

  • students’ search for meaning
  • development of a social conscience
  • humanization of the environment
  • students’ needs with respect to their own religious affiliation.

To carry out these objectives a Spiritual Care and Community Animator is assigned for 1 ½ days per week.