Academic Programs

Immersion Program at PDC

All teachers are required to follow the new Quebec Educational Program. The teachers meet regularly at school, as well as attend meetings organized by the school board to become familiar with the new programs; to insure the logical continuity and development in the pupils’ learning. Teachers are also encouraged to attend professional development workshops.

All pupils follow a partial immersion program from kindergarten to cycle III. The pupils follow a model where they receive English and French instruction on alternate days.

P.E.L.O. Program

    This program, the teaching of the language of origin, is a special project totally financed by the government. The purpose of the program is to allow each child to broaden and better appreciate his/her language and culture of origin. In our case, due to the overwhelming number of pupils who are of Italian origin, the language taught is Italian.

    The program is nevertheless open to all pupils in the school and at all cycles. Many pupils who are not of Italian origin avail themselves of the opportunity to learn a new language and better appreciate the culture of their friends, and as such, register for the program.

    At present, the course is integrated into the pupil’s regular timetable for a total of 90 minutes per week.