Parent Participation Organization

What is a Parent Participation Organization?

Once a child begins their long journey of attending school for the very first time, it is a very normal and expected reaction of a parent to want to be aware and informed of what goes on at their child's school. The Parent Participation Organization (P.P.O.) is a great place to embark.

The P.P.O. is made up of parents and is chaired by parents under the guidance of the school's Principal and Vice-Principal. Meetings are held once a month during the evenings where parents are informed of school news. Concerns, ideas and events are brought forth, discussed and brought to Governing Board for approval when needed. Sub-Committees with mandates are formed for parents to better respond to the different needs of each category such as pictures, dress code, Teacher Appreciation Week, Science Fair, graduation etc.

Pierre De Coubertin is very fortunate and proud to have such an active P.P.O. that works well together as a team, collaborates efficiently and effectively along with the Governing Board, staff and administration of the school. It is thanks to the dedication of all parent volunteers that many events unfold with great success!

Our Members

At PDC, we are very proud to have not only an active PPO but also a very helpful school volunteer team!

Santino, Elsa Filippelli
Lina Battista
Nadia Rinaldi
Nada Di Valerio
Rosanna Vacca
Remo Ponari
Tania Conforti
Rosanna Pirolo
Nadia Licursi
Angie Carestia Di Campo
Patrizia Del Balso
Tania Decobellis
Johnny Ciarlo
Maria Corsi
Maria Calandrino
Linda Sciscente
Mary Vasile
Josie Martino
Maria Ciccone
Josie Fiore
Carolina Amendola
Sandy Sousa
Carmela Pizzichemi
Patricia Ruffolo
Teresa De Stefano
Kendra Fabes
Angela De Cicco
Maria Pizzichemi
Rita De Luca
Giovanni Petreccia
Lucia Bucca
Tony Colabelli
Milena Manocchio


P.P.O. Meetings

P.P.O. meetings are held at 6:00 pm in the staff room with Principal and/or Vice-Principal on the following evenings, all parents are welcome to attend the meetings:

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