Just for Students

Hints to Help you Study Better

  • You only get good at something if you practice it. Homework is practice.
  • If you listen to the teacher and you watch his/her explanation, then you will better understand what you have to learn.
  • If you pay attention to the teacher but you still don't understand, do not be afraid to say to his/her, "I don't understand. Could you please explain it to me again?". Your teacher is there to help you learn.
  • Do not be afraid to make mistakes. If you try your best but still make mistakes, your teacher will be very happy to spend time to help you learn. Teachers love boys and girls who try their best.
  • If you make a mistake and find out why you made it, then you have learned something new; we will learn from our mistakes.
  • The best time to do your homework is right after school. You remember better what your teacher said if you get right to work when you get home.
  • Sometimes it seems like you've got tons of homework. When you feel this way, start doing the homework that seems the longest and the hardest before anything else. This way, you will spend your best energy on the hardest part. The rest of your homework will seem easier and you'll finish much faster.
  • The best place to do your homework is in a quiet place. You need to hear yourself think! Music, television, brothers and sisters break your concentration and make it harder to study well.
  • Remember that homework is FOR YOU, not anyone else. It is fine for you to ask for help, but remember that your parents, brothers, and sisters also have their own work to do.
  • The biggest hint we can give you is this: DON'T WAIT UNTIL THE LAST MINUTE TO DO YOUR STUDYING OR HOMEWORK. Get it over with as soon as you can! If you do this, not only will you succeed, but you will also go to bed with no worries!

Street Safety

Tips for Students

  • Walk in the center of the sidewalk when possible
  • Cross only at intersections and crosswalks
  • Look both ways before crossing
  • At an intersection with a traffic light wait for the green light. If there is a pedestrian light: follow the directions
  • If there is a crossing guard: follow the guard’s instructions
  • Don’t run across the street
  • Don’t play while crossing the street
  • Don’t push and shove each other along the way to and from school
  • Walk with a friend
  • Always take the same path to and from school
  • Don’t hang around or stop along the way

Tips for Parents

  • It is recommended to accompany your child, a few times, to and from school in order for him or her to become familiar with the route. Together you can identify places to seek help in case of emergency (crossing guard, block parent, convenience store)
  • Show your child how to use a public phone and dial 9-1-1 in case of emergency
  • Explain to your child never to speak to a stranger and or never agree to follow one
  • Help your child recognize people in uniform (policeman, fireman, mailman)
  • Make sure your child knows the phone number of a person to reach in case of emergency
  • Speak to your child about “taxing”. Assure him or her of your understanding and support should he or she become a victim
  • When driving in a school zone be extra vigilant

PDC School Song


At Pierre de Coubertin,
Our motto is ¨Success¨!
We know that if we try,
We can surely do our best.
Coubertin-Coubertin Yeah!
Pierre de Coubertin.


We create and we achieve.
We form friendships and we learn.
In Italian, French and English,
To the highest goals we turn!

CHORUS: (Coubertin-Coubertin)

Dressed in red, white and blue,
School colours that we wear,
Integrity, respect,
are traits we wish to share.

CHORUS: (Coubertin-Coubertin)

We concentrate on learning,
Excel in ¨sports¨, and play.
By forming ¨mind and body¨,
We build leadership each day!

CHORUS: (Coubertin-Coubertin)

We want to grow in self-esteem,
Take pride in all we do,
Develop love of God and man
and country, that is true!